dog tag reversible bracelet

reverse side, dog tag braceletThe hard part was figuring out how to get both large tags into one cuff or bracelet.   I am learning as I go here, but a before photo of the dog tags would have been awesome.  First I riveted the two tags together with brass tube rivets, then weathered both sides with first brown, then a layer of blackblack ranger ink. I let that dry completely and sanded both sides so the print (all the raised type) would stand out. Set it with clear so the aging won’t wear off. Drilled holes to attatch findings & chain then bent it with bracelet pliers. Which was tricky to get even. Then I set out to pick chain.

My customer is on of my favorite shoppersshoppers at the little store I work at. She is very pretty, fit, & has a great style. Therefore I wanted it to be really great! I think it turned out wonderfully. Even though inspiration was hard to find,dog tag reversible bracelet

Made to honor a military son. My customer had these dog tags specially made and wanted them made into a bracelet


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