SOUTH WALL January 2013


east wall looking into laundry room/closet which remains a work in progress


West wall


east & south corner, where eventually I hope to have a sink and cabinets.


Studio sounds so pretentious. I need a new name….for the space in which I make stuff.

SINCE I worked and fed people all day today and made nothing, I thought I would take this time to post some before and after photos of said space.

The above photos are from Dec 2012-Jan 2013.  Cute and opinionated husband is handy.  He can make things from nothing.   My space rocks.   I will look for photos that predate these.  It is really quite a transformation.  Our house was build in 1933, & we are only the second family to live here.  The man who built it in ’33 lived here until he died.   He was handy too, we think.  There are many wonderful things he created in this house, though much of it, like the basement, hadn’t been updated in 40-50 years.  The basement as it was, could have been very functional for some, but not us.



enamel powder- I keep this tray covered when I am not working. These are just small amounts so if they get contaminated the entire jar doesn’t get ruined.

working space

Working table. Also made by Cute and Opinionated. Very handy and solid. While working here, everything has it’s place, from the point of view of the photo, it might look like a crazy person works here….

window with snow

South window, see the snow piled up outside?

under table

Under work table

other side of work table

Hammering side of the table.


South East corner- Where I want to put a sink, countertop & cabinets. Currently I am using my 4 ft., folding, tall art show tables.

enamel station west wall

west wall- enamels station

kiln south wall

South West wall KILN station

metal space

Metal area. Again using a folding show table. NOT ideal, but it works for now. For Christmas my Cute Opinionated Husband said he would make me a ‘real’ jewelers bench. I believe it will happen, but it may be summer before he gets enough time to make it. Buy one you say?! Oh, no, no,,,, that would be way too easy (& expensive, cause I am picky.)

Well, that is enough information for today.  Time for bed.  or a show….I haven’t seen this weeks Project Runway All Stars yet!


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