The day the sky fell

IMG_20140106_11113010″ of snow & counting.

Stuck inside, kinda. Not afraid of driving in the snow, but I dislike the cold air a great deal. I am going to make baked potato soup in my new dutch oven. That should warm us all up.

Worked in the studio a bit, fiddled around with several things but didn’t accomplish much. I wire wrapped a few pair of earnings that I had formed and enameled a few days back. I sat with my bead tray and watched a Downton Abbey. I used to sit and bead weave, (or cross stitch….years ago) nat the end of the day all the time but I am out of the habit.I will make ear wires for them tomorrow. I like the way they turned out. Tomorrow it is supposed to be -5°, school for T&M is already called off, & I am not leaving the house for any reason!!! Thus, I hope to hang in the studio all day!!

The soup was great! Downton Abbey was good! Earrings are gonna be lovely. How to use the dutch oven, still needs work.


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