and this….

Things happen in groups. My husband said he had a shelf with cubby holes that used to be in a preschool in his shop (he has an outbuilding, that one floor is a wood shop.) So, we drug them through the snow into the basement, cleaned them off and painted them. The whole thing could fold up into cube, but I took the wheels off the two smaller sections & staked them.

Then I went out & bought some stain& proceeded to put it on the other cabinet incorrectly. It looked just like paint! So, I changed directions & decided to distress it. It turned out fine….not what I envisioned, but sometimes you just gotta go with the flow.

Tomorrow my son has snow day #5 this week. Add that to Christmas break, he has ben outof school for 3 entire weeks! This is not something that is likely to repeat itself in his school life! My plan will be to put stuff in its new home so that I can create something on Saturday! Cause, Even though I have been very enterprising, none of this can make me ANY money. 

until tomorrow….


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