So, this happened

My cute opinionated husband is a craigslist hound. He is amazing. Today, he found & retrieved this for me and my space without a name:

He has been searching for a base for the jewelers bench he is gonna build. This sucker is gonna be serious useful.  The arrival of this piece promted me to get this out of the attic:

This he built for me years ago. I was supposed to stain it, but I never did. He wanted me to stain it with a traditional color, I wanted pink, or aqua or something…& it never happened. Before it gets filled, I am going to stain it. 

Due to my employers flexible sensibilities, turns out I am not working tomorrow. And we are having out 4th snow day. In Belleville anyway. While darling boy gets another day off….cute opinionated is back to the grind. So, not sure what I will get accomplished tomorrow!  seriously….


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