I am excited about teaching again.  The local bead, knitting, shop is going to let me teach!  Just another effort to jump start my creativity & keep me on track.  Which remains to be seen…I went to the shop on Sunday and spoke to one of the owners, and they are excited too.

I got supplies to make/prepare a class for:
*making a leather riveted cuff using specifically Tierra Cast findings, which are nice and they sell there are the shop.  We can use metal stamps and sheet metal to decorate the leather also.
I already have supplies to:
*Needle felting, but what? They expressed a need to have a class based on this. Monograms  is where my head went.
*Hannah, the owner remembers a necklace of mine that I made years ago made from old felted (shrunken) sweaters.
*a  beginners guide to Craft shows how to Q&A class

That is a good start, if I can get any of this together in the next week or so, it will be a huge accomplishment. I will keep you posted.


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