tunnels end

personalizedI do an entire line of personalized jewelry for a the shop I work at in town.  I *think* this is my third year of having it in the store.   I have changed a few things, taken away things that weren’t selling, updated & clarified the order form over the years to the point that now I feel like it is kind of dialed in.   This is an order that I am bringing in tomorrow.  I like how it turned out.  Though I think I would rather have it on a brass chain.    I will post photos of the other styles in the next day if it is quiet at work.  Which it might be….it is January in a downtown clothing store after all.

I finished organizing for the most part.  It isn’t perfect but I am ready to roll ASAP…which will be Saturday, barring  disasters…& snowstorms.

Ξcolor today: baby butt blue↔

Ξmood: anxious↔

Ξhours in the room that has no name:5.5hrs↔




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