making it personal

One of the best investments I have ever made as far as tools go is a set of good steel letter stamps.  I first bought a set for @ 15 on ebay like these:   I QUICKLY got the feel for how useful they would be, and bought these:    which were, at the time, always on back order and cost $165.   It was a hard financial move at the time but they have more than paid for themselves.  I also own the caps & numbers in Kismet also.    I have also purchased alphabets from Impress Art, and they absolutely DO NOT compare.  Save your pennies and buy them from BEADUCATION.  They rock.     The personalized jewelry thing is a fad, and it will fade.  I was lucky enough to start doing it early in the game.  There are lots of other uses for your alphabet stamps, so don’t NOT buys some, they are fun!   We all just need to think outside of the box with them I think.  Names on discs is boring, unless it is YOUR childs name on said disc… Having that out in the open here are some quick photos of the styles that have continually sold well for me.

IMG_20140117_173252 IMG_20140117_173412 IMG_20140117_173222 personalized jewelery



Tierra Cast Charms


Bi Cone Swarovski

The charms are from Tierra Cast, & is American made which is often a selling point for me and some of my customers. And I have always used Swarovski crystals, because their sparkle is unmatched for the price, and it seems to add credibility because of brand recognition.   ANYHOW, above is how I display them.   My only complaint is that the colors for the birthstones are not consistent….as far as what you can purchase.  Every wholesaler that carry’s them has a different idea of what color corresponds to.  Especially where July, October, & December are concerned.  It is a pain in the ass to offer both choices.  I will drop the channel charms like a hot pan and add Swarovski 8mm rounds…  OK, I am off on a tangent.
I work today, tomorrow I work and darling son has a soccer game right after.  I will be home around 9….I don’t see me blogging OR creating anything except dirty clothes.

Ξcolor: buttercup↔

Ξmood: resigned↔



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