week “off”

Booth Paducah Art show

Booth Paducah Art show


It feels so odd being off this week. The owners of the shop take a week off in January every year….so we get a week off, like it or not!  Darling son is off today too, and I had a parent/teacher conference this morning, so it actually worked out perfectly.  Today off, and they had Monday off for MLK Day, and Tuesday due to snow.  All together Darling Son, & Cute Opinionated had two days out of the house this week.  WHICH translates to me, squirrely artist, getting anything accomplished.  This weekend has hope for me getting to do anything of substance.  I have a few things in the works.   I have two goals in the upcoming days….  *make things for the shop.  She is coming to by things next Wednesday.  *finish some bigger, more involved pieces for JURY photos.  AND then take photos.   I have several shows I want to apply to that the deadline is January 31st…thus looming in the near future.

I also volunteered to make our 30th class reunion invitation.   I am dangerous with a computer.  I know just enough, which most of the time works great….this took me forever, and it still isn’t done.  BUT, I have to finish that early in the week as well.  ARGH!  Also, have some of my fathers estate things that need to be dealt with this week or next.  Time consuming in that all that needs to be addressed is in my hometown, and requires a 2 hour round trip.    The weather is awful, and all I want to do is stay inside and make things and have no one bug me! ha!  want want want….bitch, moan, sigh….

laters taters.


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