jury photos

UGGG…this, unfortunately is a work in progress.  I just run out of time, and then I end up taking the photos instead of Cute Opinionated Husband.   And they aren’t as good as they should be.  I applied to two shows.  One here in St. Louis, on in Paducah, KY.  I won’t know the outcome until the end of February or so….  Here is what I sent.


Forged & enameled copper pieces stitched together with wire, then fused together in the kiln. The chain is made of hammered silver links in a very free form fashion. Finished with an enameled & forged copper toggle.


This piece features free form needlepoint using hand dyed silk threads on copper mesh. Then riveted between an etched copper base & a hammered & enameled copper window. Chains embellished with enameled & riveted charm plus an enameled & forged toggle.


Finding balance, here, took as much time & consideration to realize as did the actual execution. Chain making with sterling silver & copper; bead weaving using flat & circular peyote stitch; metal stamping; enamel on copper & iron; & riveting.

I am no expert at this.  IF I had to pick one thing to improve on this would be it.  Unfortunately, that isn’t how life works.  There are MANY things I need to  improve on.   And in getting spread thin…this somehow doesn’t get the attention it deserves.  The worst of it is that I live with a photographer.

Not sure what the outcome will be, but if I was a betting girl I would guess yes on Paducah, and no on St Louis.    Time will tell……   send me good ju ju please.



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