phone case felting class

side 1

side 1

Phone case front

side 2

sweater pieces

sweater pieces to play with….already felted.

I am feeling like this will be a more intermediate class.  Though, I have to tell you, I have a little trouble gauging the talent level of a mysterious student.  IF there even are takers for this class!  

I first felt the initial freehand on one of my pre-cut pieces. I fit these to my android phone. The second piece I added a flower.  THEN, I needle felted the two pieces of wool together *see the border* that is all that holds these two pieces together.  This could easily be hand stitched instead.  I just like the organic look of the needle felted line.     The hard part, I am guessing, will be the freehand nature of the designs.  Not for all students.  So, I need to come up with a way for them to make their own stencils.  

The wool I used is from Weeks Dye Works.  It is hand dyed, soft and lovely.  They dye wonderful colors in threads and wool. check them out, they are lovely!



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