statement necklace


Cute kid is finally back in school….after more snow days!  I spent the day making two of these statement necklaces.   TOOK forever, for what they are.  The photo’s are different angles of the same necklace.  The balance was what took the longest…and picking the right beads, in my Beach mix…not too heavy, not to small, right repetition, and figuring out how to crimp 4 strands of medium bead wire look lovely.   I really had a good time making this today, because I don’t spend a lot of time just stringing beads these days.   Though I know there is more to it than “just stringing” I just don’t know if this kind of necklace will ever recover it’s $.  All said there is at least $45 worth of supplies, because I chose to use lots of really nice beads.  And it took several hours to do two.  SO, with my formula this necklace will be AT LEAST $105.   not sure who my customer is here.    However, I will wear this lovely for a long time if it never sells!  Which, all in all, is an ok day spent.   I am guessing my shops will love this and at my shows no one will give it the time of day….   I’ll let you know!

Happy trails!  Gonna turn on the kiln this week!  Warm the place up. #babyit’scoldoutside #still


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