Copper etching the 1 minute lesson

fripptic demoEtching this week.  This is pretty much all the stuff you need.   Permanent marker to write or draw with, or permanent ink stamp pad and stamps!  IF you want to get really really unique make potato stamps and use them with your permanent ink.    Suspend it in ferric acid with packing tape, and wait.


frippp demofripp demo

First photo is finished product ready to be added to a jewelry project already domed and flame painted and patina added.  The second is how it looked out of the acid and sanded.

You could add any type of patina.  Natural, or man made.  Ranger Ink has be great fun to play  the two I have messed with are the TIM HOLTZ  ones that I picked up at a going out of biz scrapbook supply store    &  Vintaj   All made by RANGER.  There are LOTS of choices for color and you can mix it.  FUN.  The wear ability of them, speaking of long term wear, needs to be addressed however.   You have to add some kind of sealer or top coat if you want the color to stay.   Great way to add to your etching fun though!      If I remember I will post finished jewel pictures of some etched pieces.

Happy April!


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