make it your own

multi enamel1Spent some time this week taking photo’s of made things.  Trying to figure a way to sell, show, list my FRIPPTIC necklace bar things on etsy.   The plan is to trial run on etsy, see what’s working and then incorporate it into my own web site shopping cart.  Don’t wanna bug smart brother in law with a WEB site revamp plan until I know what I want for sure….  So, these are a handful of pendants that were hand stamped with quotes, and then enameled.   They are one of the most successful things I have ever made.  And continue to do very well with them.  THEY also took me forever to figure out how to make.  Only enameling one side of a piece of copper comes with it’s own set of problems.    Though, after many many of them….1,000? 2,000?  I would have to count, but I do them in batches of 100 usually….so I will just say LOTS!!   I think I have it down pat.



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