good for your soul

happy tax day?  Mine were finished before today.  #thatdoesn’talwayshappen

This week, besides messing with #’s, I messed with the kiln.  I am gearing up for the PADUCAH LOWERTOWN ARTS & MUSIC in a few weeks.    The same weekend is ART ON THE SQUARE here in Belleville.  I have never applied, and someday will.  However, it is a big draw to the city.  AND My shop where I work and sell my jewelry will be extra busy, so I also need to make sure I have plenty of items for her to choose from.  It is a weekend buys like Christmas in the store.  THUS, the push to make lots of great jewelry for them too!

I made lots of $8 earrings this week.  I really enjoy doing this.  Doesn’t require ALL my concentration, it is a great way to use beads that I only have a few left of, or don’t know where else to use.  People like buying inexpensive things at art shows too!

There is a certain feeling of accomplishment that you need to feel when working toward a goal.  Even though these are easy to make, and relatively quick….seeing them all done and ready to go makes me feel like I am making progress.  Feeling I am making a dent is an important thing.

earring extravaganza earring extravaganza2

#makesomethingeverytimeyouhavetheopportunity   #createopportunities  #it’sgoodforyourSOUL



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