“How much is this?”

hiptobesquare 2 hiptobesquare 3 trip 2 Tagging finished items is the bane of my existence.  Dramatic?  ya’ think?!   It is something that I procrastinate on~horribly.  To the point that my booth is all set up and pretty and I am still putting price tags on things when the show opens.   I do this all of the time.  It makes me a stress ball, and it is silly.   I am making an effort to change this circle…  I tagging things, especially the big or one of a kind items, as I make them.   The best part of this is I actually have a much better idea about how much time each piece took, which is where pricing gets tricky for me.   This is making myself accountable to tag things before I even get to a show.   I will update you on my progress.

#wishmeluck #selfsabotage

wht freeform enamel ear 3

These earrings are finished, finally…the enameled pieces, sans wire & ear wires, have been on my workbench since, January ?!  aka=forever.  They turned out great I think.  I like how the overfire gives them the burnt edge kind of look.   One of the fun things about enamel is there is a little bit of chance in how the piece turns out.   That said, sometimes getting a PAIR to be earring worthy can be a tricky affair.   Often a pair of earrings turns into two pendants instead.  These are fine.




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