Take this job and shove it….

I have always wanted to say that.


I simply said, while steaming an amazing amount of lovely clothing that had just come in from one of my favorite brands, CUT LOOSE, “if I quit, can I still work at Christmas?” (because I am one of the demented retail folks who loves working during this busy, bustling, crazy people in a panic, times of the year)   She said “yes, absolutely!”  and I said, “Do you need me to give you two weeks or a month notice?”   She said ” Just give me a minute”   wend to the back, got the schedule, got in touch with some other employees to see it they could cover my one day a week….and it was done.  That was my last day at the greatest job a girl who loves clothes could ever have.    It felt like a load had been lifted.   Not sure why.    Either way it is done, and I am looking forward to time spent with my friends outside of her shop.  Now time to get down to business.

#Iquitmyjobtoday      #dreammomjob     #sayonarasuckers!


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