Whatever you are, be a good one. ~Abraham Lincoln

green enamel Grey enamel Orange enamel pink enamel red enamel

I am sure I have chatted you up about these necklaces before.  They are enameled on the front.  Several layers using different techniques on the front and then hand stamped quote on the back.  I have figured out how to sell them via etsy, or my own site… #sellonthewebsomewhere

Since they are all different, always, I am going to group them in color palettes and sell them as a color.  You can tell me you want yellows, blues, pink/purples, reds, oranges, greens, etc…  It is a little bit of a surprise when then receive it, but I think for some people that is a good thing.   Not sure yet how/if this will work.  Clearly I need some consistency in my photo editing…but the intent is there.

The quotes can be nearly anything as long as it fits.  The last show I did I sold a LOT of   “Let it go”, and “Love is a battlefield”   And always do well with  “867-5309” and “May the Force Be With YOU”   and quote ideas for me?    Send em’ my way!

Hopefully get these loaded to etsy *SOON.

#nomoreprocrastinating      #lettheworldsee


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