and it burns, burns, burns…

Here is my station for torch enamel.  Ideally I will have a :real: table, not my 4 foot adjustable, folding, show table.   This, for now, works.

bead pulling station torch bead pulling station

Burnt my elbow in pretty short form.  The torch was off, & had been for 5 minutes plus, however I had been using it for a great deal of time.  I was moving about and just touched my elbow to the torch head, and~ ~sizzle~ ~ there went some of my skin.  yuck.      Barbara warns in her class that most people don’t get burnt by the flame, but instead by touching the hot beads.  Forgetting they have to cool, or what have you, so I was super diligent in not touching anything.   There is no way to avoid some of this stuff.  Chalk it up to a needed lesson learned and move on. I am fine, my elbow will scar, but heal.  I am having too much fun with this to get bogged down with fear!


#burntskinstinks  #paintwithfire   #goodforyoursoul


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