Into the woods, you have to take the journey…

Been a fun summer doing this show.  My cute opinionated man directed it, and for the first time directing a musical (and a Sondheim one at that) had done an amazing job.   The set was done by my mom.  My sister is Littler Red, Bro in law is the Baker, my pretend little sister JuJu is the the Narrator & I am the Witch.  #canyousaynepotism   #Ibelievewedeservetheseparts

The costumer has dropped the ball.  This is community theater…and something always goes wrong in a community show.   You depend so heavily on people donating their time and talent, that if one person can’t fulfill their obligations it shows.  And depending  on the circumstances it is easy to feel empathy for the person not holding up their part of the bargain.  This isn’t one of those instances.    SO…I am making my witch mask.   What she had for me was a piece of lace that draped across my eyes.  Among other problems with this I could barely see through it.  IF you don’t know the show, the point is basically this:  The Witch, with the help of a potion that we have spent the entire first ACT creating, changes from UGLY  & OLD  to young (-ish) and beautiful.  The change takes place in about 30 seconds.    It is a pivotal plot point.  The lace didn’t work.

So, this is what I made.   I formed it out of 30g copper, counter enameled it, then put the front coat of enamel on.  IT works pretty well.    I can’t tell how it reads from the audience, but I think it works.  At least I have something!!  The show opens tomorrow…………..

Witch mask in the beginning.

copper witch mask formed

getting formed to my face….

Witch mask for "Into The Woods"

Witch mask for “Into The Woods” Finished. With the big CAPE and hood the costumer has for me it *should* look pretty cool. Less like GONZO from the Muppets and more like an old witch!


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