The space in between

I have been exploring.  While attempting to streamline my style for Jury Photo purposes it occurred to me that I needed a theme.  yes!  a focus!!  This is probably obvious to some.  Being a self taught artist, this is often how I make progress, 1. Observe artists that I think have their ducks in a row 2. read what they have to say about themselves, & their art  3.  Have an “ah-ha!” moment.    Writing an artist statement for me was like this.  I struggled, then I met an artist who inspired me, and I read her statement…and I suddenly “got” it.   NOW, I do believe your artist statement is always a work in progress.  A document that will always be changing.

So, “the space in between”  puts balance in equal parts to the inside and outside of the piece.    Here are some of the first finished pieces:

IMG_5287 IMG_5277

IMG_5304 IMG_5314 IMG_5342 patriot in black & whiteIMG_5333 IMG_5329



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