110 in the shade

103 degree load in. I was so gross after load in...

103 degree load in. I was so gross after load in…

There are perks about doing outdoor shows for sure, fresh air, nice breeze, sunshine.  Fall shows especially.  The downside of doing outdoor shows is being outside.  The weather is completely out of our hands.  I will say I will take HOT over cold any day…   Load in for this show was HOT.   I do fine, I have drinks, and ice, and I am though closer to 50 than I ever dreamed I would be, I am fit enough that the heat really doesn’t slow me down.   My vendors to the east of me…that was not the case!

crazy neighbors

This is my tent.  That is my neighbors van and trailer that they left there for HOURS, and hours.  I put my tables on the outer rim of my space so they wouldn’t put their things, or their van there.  The poor man was sweating like crazy and groaned every time he moved.  He kept mumbling under his breath that if he were dead he would be happier!  ha!  it was quite the show.  The wife, was a painter, and darling.  He was the muscle and I have no idea how she put up with it.

ON my other side were two sisters selling gel candles.  LOVED them.  She is the mayor of her town in OHIO.  CUTE, red haired, sales force. I hope to see them again next year.   After all my years trying to get into Cedarhurst, I find it is a tradition for some vendors.   So, it will be interesting to see if I get in again next year.

OK.  Cedarhurst set up photo.

cedarhurst booth 2014



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