Strange Folk 2014

Having sat out on Strange Folk last year, made me appreciate all it’s goings on all the more this year.   It is a delightful environment  that #Autumn Wiggins creates.  Bookmark it for next year.   IF you are anywhere close to the St. Louis Metropolitan area you should come check it out.  Lots of crafty, artful items, ideas galore, great food, good beer, great people to meet and visit with.  LOVELY. Can’t wait until next year.

My mom came out and sat with me this year, as did My cute opinionated husband and darling son. Sunday my nephew and niece and artist bro in law came for the first time too!   It is not at all easy for mom to get around at a show like this so it was great she made it.   With all my family there though, you think it would be easier…sometimes it is.  OVER the years C.O.H has stepped up and helped with the booth.  This year he really did.  Thank goodness because it was busy. (yay!) AND since he was running the booth, I got to go walk around and see & buy things!  BUT, when there are people just sitting around and in the way, I easily get frustrated.  Even though I know they are there supporting me.  YES, it is a flaw in my personality.  People sitting drive me crazy.  ha!   I know it’s insane…. but it’s who I am.

The weather was lovely.  Absolutely.   Had so much fun going to eat with Mellow Mountain and getting to chat with some old crafty friends, Strung Out and Wired especially.  Miss these girls.

OK, that is all I have time for now.  I am leaving for a show at the Hermitage in NASHVILLE, TN. !!! I am a busy little jewelry maker today who also has to get new tires on her Subaru warrior.   🙂

tiny earrings Strangefolk strange


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