How I spent my Christmas eve and other adventures

I made my Cali cookies, and they arrived in time and not broken.   BUT no cookies for my Illinois family, so that is what I did Christmas Eve afternoon.  While listening to the Audio short stories of Jean Sheppard, who’s short stories became the Holiday movie “A Christmas Story”   COOKIES  ROUND TWO:cookies round 2

Saturday we got to go to the Fox, the big theatrical touring house in St Louis.  This year “A Christmas Story: the musical” was on for their Holiday Faire.    My son Myles got to go along.  We had a great time.  I was completely surprised by  how much I liked the show.  I was expecting to be disappointed, but it was really quite charming.  Not many memorable songs…but enjoyable all the same.  My son loved it.  He is 10.   Here he is eating his Leg Lamp Sugar cookie…Christmas Story at the FOX

ALL in all it has been a great Christmas season.  Felt so strange not working in a retail environment.  But, it was fun to do things like wrap presents leisurely and make all the bows.  Less stress, more attention to detail.   My craft shows for the season were all fine, not great, not bad, but passable, and NOT a waste of time!

I hope you all have a wonderful week with family and frien

#craftylife #livecreatively #pompombows


made all pompom bows this year!

made all pompom bows this year!

I sang a little this season with the MISTLETONES.  The local theater group did “It’s a Wonderful Life” the radio play and we were part of the musical interludes between acts.   I am wearing a vintagedress that I borrowed from my scrappy, awesome, creative neighbor!  mary mistletone And this is from backstage of the cast!IAWLIt was a fine festive way to get everyone into the spirit of Christmas.  Something that seems like a lot of people are working very hard to achieve.   It has all in all been a very fun, December.   I leave you with a photo of our tree.  We cut it down at a tree farm in Millstadt, IL two weeks after Thanksgiving.  I suspect it will stay up until the first week of January.  I always hate letting it go.  It is so lovely, and I adore the light it makes in the evening.  HERE is tree 2014: TREE 2014


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