The Slippery Slope

Crafting is a slippery slope.  Once you start one thing, you get better at it, or bored, and then find a new technique, and you move on, you progress.  In the mean time, for me at least, you move past some of your success and don’t really let them play out in full.   Beading->metalwork->enameling->chain making->bead making->?!!   seriously, where does it end.   That said, I am working on really letting some ideas cultivate and play out.   I made 6 of these necklaces for Strange Folk last fall.  They were all different in color scheme, beads used, size, etc…but same in design.   Chain, focal bead, big ring, enameled cone filled with bits and bobs to make a tassel.  One of my shops got around 10, and I kind of mentally moved on.  WHY?!  in some ways, they were selling like hot cakes, and they are $55.   Which for items to fly off the crafty show shelves, is not the norm.   $25-$32 seems to be the magic price point for me.   SOOOOO, I made some more when I had a day I wasn’t sure WHAT to do.   (I get those days….do you?!)  AND guess what, I am still selling them.    KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID.  We do not have to re-invent the wheel every time we make something.   A lesson I am struggling, and working on learning!!

Here is one of the lovelies, this on is $65 because I made and enamel clasp to go with it.

Wake me up before you go go!.CR2

#keepitsimplestupic #artsymom  #tassellove #don’tforgettheribbon


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