Sal Tlay Ka Siti

sa tell light

sa tell light

It is that time of year again.   Or maybe it is always that time of year. Jury photos.   : )  a game I have in no way mastered. But this is one that I am using for this round of jury photos.  The name is Sa Tell Light   or maybe it should be Sah Tell Light.    In homage to a song from the Book of Mormon the musical.   The story goes like this; the young Mormon men on their mission get assigned to Uganda.  Long story short, they tell stories of home.  The young Ugandan girl that sings Sal Tlay Ka Siti is singing about Salt Lake City.  This is simply the way she believes it to be spelled.   It is pure silly.     My version is a little less messed up.  I wanted jurors to sort of get it.  Maybe I should name all of my pieces this way…

#craftylife #artsymom #shopSMALL


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