A day on the farm-Shattuc, IL

Every 4th of July week my Uncle & Aunt and my cousins make the trek from Ohio to home.  Clinton County Illinois. We camp, or swim, or have an enormous picnic (all of it always organized by my Aunt LuAlicfarm flowers from the other placee) Thanks to Lally we always have a schedule of events.   This year is no different.  All the plans revolve around the Southern tip of Carlyle lake, a place I can still call home even though it has been over 30 years since I lived there.

This year one of the days we just went to the farm to check out what Uncle Kevin planted in our ground.  Saw the name of my Grandfather & Uncle on the new war memorial at Kaskaskia river. Tomorrow we swim.   Then fireworks hosted by Kevin & LuAlice.  My son loves this time with Family as do I.   The older I get, the more I appreciate it. I appreciate my Aunt LuAlice for getting everyone together, my Uncle Mark & family for making the trek, and all the rest of the family for making time to come visit.  Miss my dad, and Alicey and all that has gone before.    Happy 4th of July everyone!



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