in the valley by the Wildwood

Wildwood, MO  A new town in an old parboothshot August 2015 zappedt of the world.  At least to me.  I used to drive by where this town now is every day in my commute to work at Six Flags.  It is lovely.  It looks like Disneyworld.  New, all of it. Clean. Lovely.   The show itself is a new show and it feels like it.  The art was good, the crowds were just ok.  AND was it HOT! oh my gosh, I don’t even mind the heat that much so if I am saying it is hot, ha!   It was hot enough that artists were having heat strokes.  I am certain this did not help the lack of customers.   There is potential there & I will likely do it again.  IF you are in the St. Louis vicinity you should check it out!

On a different note, I tried this backdrop.   It is not exactly what I had in mind, but it is functional.  I had the felt at the house already, so it didn’t cost me anything.   I made the pom poms this week, they don’t take long.   I am thinking it would be fun to have an All POMPOM border of some kind.  hmmmm…. It needs some better ways to put it up, it is progress, though!!  however small.   Later taters.

#craftymomma #artfullife #africahot



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