doing repairs

I miss the simplicity of working with a needle and threjax and pantsad.  There is something so rewarding about seeing your progress after you have been stitching for an hour or so. The impact that can be made with a piece of fabric, thread, a needle an
d a pair of scissors as well as endless possibilities.

Today I am sewing patches on a beloved pair of jeans.  A project that has been sitting beside my chair since last fall.   I started putting a patch on them the day before we went to NYC so I could wear them there….but the project quickly snowballed.  As crafty projects OFTEN do in my brain/at my house.  They are looking hip and fun I think.   A little too hippie-dippie, maybe? Procrastinate much?    Jax was being nosey, and very curious. Bingo kept stealing my thread, aluckynd Panch Villa just wanted to sit on them.  All the help!  I should be able to wear them tomorrow. What do you think?!

#craftylife #artsymom #stitch #embroidery #freeform
repairs nearly complete

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