Enameled Copper Drop Earrings


Just making earrings. These are my favorite pair I make. The white is a perfect neutral for everyday.  Time to stock up on basics for shop orders and for Spring shows.  These earrings are something I have made for years.  The shape is simple and easy to do, and the enameling isn’t even very tricky once you get some practice.  The most challenging part is making pairs.

Some people, like myself, don’t need my earrings to be completely matched.  After doing shows for a bunch of years you get the hang of what people like.   Mis-Matched earrings are not something the general public can wrap their brain around.   It is actually very entertaining for me to have some mismatched sets just to see what people say.

For the record….you can’t even imagine what some shoppers say…right in front of you, like you are not even there.   Possibly in another post I will share some of my favorites.


Hout of the kilnere are some of my matched sets out of the kiln!  Ready for ear wires. As you can see, there is still an organic nature to these.  Twins but not identical. You can buy some of these earring here!   fripptic on etsy


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