chain, chain, chain….

chainAndria who is the owner of CIRCA in Belleville, and Edwardsville, IL (check them out in person or online!) also makes great jewelry.  She gave a struggling wannabe solderer (me!) 4 or 5 pointers a few years ago and they stuck.   I am so absolutely NOT an expert, but I have acquired some skills over the years.   The Chain in the picture is some I have been working on.

Some days I get down to my crafty space and I do not have any inspiration to make anything!  So, on days like that, I make chain, or ear wires!   Seems like there are plenty of days when I can only be down in my creative room for a few hours.  It is hard to start big projects on a day like that or excuse making a big mess.  Though in general, messes don’t scare me!

What do you do on days when you have no inspiration?


#whatwillIbe #artfullife #craftymom #chainmaking


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