Just like I do it.

How did you learn to organize?  Do  you consider yourself to be an organized person?  I am a very organized person, by nature…or by what my parents taught me.  I can easily prioritize, & set things in order. I am also drawn to distraction when I am around someone who has not figured out these skills.  I can be frustrated when I am working with another mindful organizer who has a different vision than myself.   I have learned to deal with this over the years and to trust the process.

Let us not confuse organized with tidy.  I am a messy girl. Not dirty, it is organized clutter.   My things are spread all about a project in every space I occupy.
Is it learned or innate?
image My son I believe was born an organizer. This is what I came home to after rehearsal last night. This is how he left his gaming accessories. When he was 3 he used to organize his little Star Wars action figures & their weapons into little bins. At craft shows I had these bead pendants I would sell, IMG_4320.JPGhe would separate them into color groups for me. Cool, Hot, & Neutral. He was actually a great deal of help! Now I gave him the parameters but he had the tools to accomplish this. Having worked in the retail clothing industry for many years, I can tell you that not everyone has this skill. Now it must be noted that he is 11, if you walk into his room on any given day, it may not be clean, but upon close inspection you will notice the things he cares about are in perfect order. His video games and equipment is organized by brand, his books arranged by the author, or in series order.
I love hearing people’s ideas for keeping jewelry supplies organized.

When tidying my space to prepare to be interviewed by the local paper I am hoping that outsiders can look in and not see chaos, but order!

HOW do you organize?


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