Craft Show Today ST. Louis, come see!!

Sunset Hills Rotary club holds and enormous Arts and Crafts show (mostly craft) every spring, then an even ENOURMOUSER one in the Fall.   Anything you need, seriously! Interesting bird feeders and lawn ornaments, home decor, American Doll and other doll clothes, kids clothing, handmade soap, lip balm, lotion, ceramics, candles, photos, Jewelry and a hundred things I have not seen or considered!  IT is inside in the gym, down the hallways, in the cafeteria, in the lobby, in the wrestling room, band room, and front entryway. Because they are inside, they are relatively easy.

I AM here! In my usual spot in Gym A. Look in the program for fripptic or Heather Holland-Daly in Jewelry and you will find me!  Tell me you read this post and I will give you $5 off your purchase of anything!! Today or Sunday!!



#craftylife #artsymom #shopsmall #shopstl #crazycraftpeople

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